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Set independent Adwords keyphrase quality formula

October 22, 2011

Back of the envelope formula that tries to avoid the cardinal sin of averaging through the set of keywords/phrases.

overall quality/utility =(1000/B1)+(1000/C1)+(D1*10)+(E1/10)+(10*F1)+(100/G1)


B1 = Top of page CPC
C1 = First page CPC
D1 = Quality score
E1 = Impressions
F1 = Clicks
G1 = Avg. position

My values for CPC are in INR, if your currency values are different, use different multiples. We just want an absolute value to compare. Also in at least half of the keywords/phrases, you might get a divide by zero error because of the keyword/phrase not being placed.

Give it a spin, get the sample spreadsheet here (L1 = overall quality/utility):



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