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3D TV would fail, immersive 3D headset won’t

October 12, 2011

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In my humble opinion, 3D TV would fail because true 3D is immersive 3D (both forms plain orientational and with depth perception).

What is worse is that immersive 3D is so cheap to implement. Just a headset with two displays, two cameras, two earphones, two mics and that little magical something  – a gyro. The cameras and mics are needed so as to easily switch between virtual and real worlds or even overlap one on the other as in augmented reality.

So don’t waste your money on 3D TVs, phones etc. Wait for immersive 3D to become widely available. And believe you me, it ain’t gonna take very long. Everything needed is already available. For instance, all 3D games are already immersive. Instead of / apart from keyboard and mouse controls, one needs to simply augment the programming to listen to the gyro of the headset.

Similarly it is dead easy to create a immersive 3D movie in the real world. Instead of the 4 or 5 2D cameras, one needs to use 4 or 5 “disc/ball” cameras.

A disc 3D camera provides planar 3D and consists of a set of cameras attached on a disc mount that rotates / oscillates in a plane.

A ball 3D camera provides volume 3D and consists of a set of cameras attached on a spherical mount that rotates / oscillates in all three dimensions. Because these cameras can have shotgun mics pointing in the same direction, it is easy to get 3D audio too.

All these stored streams can be then fed to the displays in the headset (either with or without interpolation) based on the orientation information provided by the gyro.

Expect iDevices along with AirPlay to support such headsets in the future. Other tablets and phones might also follow suit.

Because immersive 3D is so easy to create and so inexpensive to implement both in animation and real world, expect it to overshadow 3D TV soon enough. Later even if holographic TV becomes widely available, it won’t be as much fun as immersive 3D.

Haptic gloves, however are another story altogether. Just like a touch screen (as opposed to a keyboard) provides a universal 2D interface, a pair of haptic gloves can provide a universal 3D interface to animated virtual worlds.

Interactive immersive 3D worlds explored with 3D headsets (maybe with 2ft x 2ft x 6inch vibrating and tilting platforms to stand on) and haptic gloves (maybe with haptic suits) really ARE the future of infotainment.


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